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Remember a loved one in a positive and lasting way and help future women to survive ovarian cancer.

You can add your own special memories with photographs, words, music and even videos.

Bernadette's Story

"As a family we love seeing our Tribute Fund grow. Our fund is a very personal place where people still share their thoughts and memories and we draw strength from the messages that people leave. Fundraising is such a positive way to remember her."  Bernadette set up her Tribute Fund in memory of her daughter, Natasha


Ovarian Cancer Action

We are taking action

Our Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre drives new and more targeted treatments from pre-clinical studies, to clinical trials and into gynaecological clinics across the UK.

We only fund research that can be translated into meaningful outcomes for real women in real life.

We also work hard across the UK raising awareness of ovarian cancer, hoping to spread the word so less women die of this disease.

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Hope for future women

Your donations will fund world-class research at The Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre, the only dedicated ovarian cancer research centre in the UK.

Our scientists are fighting to make ovarian cancer treatment more effective and reduce the number of women who die from the disease.